Life sometimes just seems to overwhelm you…cancer… surgery… chemo…family…business…I made a very important phone call and met Anna Rabe. Soon after we began our weekly or bi-weekly calls she asked me to describe where I was…my answer surprised me…I told her I was in a dark tunnel. With her help I have left that place where my emotions and life were being held captive. Acknowledging this and working with her has opened doors to my thinking…I continue to grow and expand my thinking and what I am doing on a daily basis. Pamela H., Tennessee


Anna is a very skillful coach in the art of asking the right questions, listening, and making sure she correctly understood what I wanted to get across. What a priceless gift. Anna listened plenty, put herself in my shoes, understood, challenged, and helped me work out what I wanted to do and how to do it. I came out of our coaching…more focused and clear and with a feeling of great accomplishments…and as a result, I have seen progress in all areas. Galya K., Australia


Anna is a focused, supportive, and accountable coach. She summarized and reframed my reflections expertly. I was often gobsmacked by the way she pinpointed what I had said, without actually saying it! Personally, I learned how much more energy I could experience every day. Professionally, I was reminded of how effective it is to have a very clear focus for the entire coaching relationship and to stay accountable to that. At the beginning, my energy levels were quite low. Towards the end of our coaching, my energy levels were soaring! Anna is an excellent coach. I would engage coaching with her again and would encourage anyone who wants to improve their sense of well being to take her on right away! Kerryn G., Australia

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