If you could make just one change to improve your health, what might it be?

Incorporating a variety of vegetables is a great start. Vegetables are a great defense in the battle to lose weight. Vegetables are naturally low in calories and high in nutrients. The fiber helps to lower cholesterol, aids in the prevention of colon cancer and allows one to feel satisfied. Vegetables are great fuel for the body and the brain.

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What medicine has the least amount of side effects with the greatest overall benefit?

Exercise. Yes, exercise is now considered medicine by the medical community. Exercise improves the immune system thus lowering the risk for many chronic diseases, keeps the muscles and bones strong, reduces stress hormones, lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol, improves circulation, improves the complexion, aids in weight and appetite control, allows the heart and lungs to work more efficiently, increases energy, elevates the mood, and allows one to think clearer. What other medication can do all that?

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How can you calm your mind, increase your awareness, and at the same time make change easier?

Meditation is a great way to nourish the soul. Meditation quiets the mind and with repeated practice increases awareness. The first step in making any change is becoming aware of the things we are currently doing that are not moving us in the direction of change. By increasing awareness we are able to step back and pause, instead of proceeding mindlessly. We are able to choose to act in a way that is consistent with our values.

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