To accept is being okay with where you are at this moment and not evaluating your actions as good or bad, or right or wrong. An important step in forming a new habit is accepting that it may require effort to unlearn old habits because old habits are so ingrained. Yet the more times a new behavior is repeated, the more ingrained the new behavior becomes, like a well worn path, and eventually the new behavior replaces the old habit. To accept is to embrace self-compassion. To accept means having no regrets, and instead focusing on what can be done differently in this very moment. To accept is to focus on getting better and letting go of being perfect. To accept is to learn a new way of thinking.


Believe that you can learn a new way of thinking, a new way of doing, and a new way of being. Believe that you can take one step and focus on just that one step. Then believe that you can add another step. If you look up at the mountaintop, you might feel overwhelmed. If you look at the next ridge, you can focus on where to step next and eventually make it to the top. To believe is to know that everyone is capable of growth. Learning involves making mistakes. Growth happens when we learn from our mistakes. The more we repeat a new behavior, the less mistakes we make. The new behavior then becomes refined and eventually automatic, like how a baby learns to walk. To believe is to know you can learn a new skill.


To achieve calls for focusing your attention on your vision as much as possible. If you focus on the weeds along the mountain path, instead of your next step up the mountain, you may never arrive to the top. To achieve involves action. If you do something every day that moves you toward your vision, if you take just one small step forward each day, progress will be made. Each step increases the momentum forward. To achieve is to ask for support and to have your environment support you. To achieve involves connecting with why your vision matters to you and what impact it may have on the people around you. To achieve is to learn a new way of relating to the world.

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